About Me

Armed with a Visual Communication degree from the esteemed Chicago Art Institute and a professional background in an architecture firm, my passion has always been rooted in the seamless integration of art and interior design.

In the process of crafting inspirational wall decor pieces for my own children's rooms, a realization dawned upon me – personalized wall prints could transcend conventional trends and embody a distinctive form of expression. It became evident that these pieces could be elevated, carrying a unique narrative that goes beyond mere aesthetics.

With this guiding philosophy, Heartwritings design site came into being. Rooted in my personal inspiration and commitment to excellence, the shop is dedicated to delivering personalized wall decor prints that stand out as both unique and profoundly meaningful. Each creation is crafted with care and intention, ensuring that it becomes a cherished and individualized expression for your loved ones on every special occasion. At Heartwritings, we believe in offering more than just decor; we strive to provide a timeless and personalized storytelling experience for your living spaces.